Our company was founded in 1991 as a family-owned enterprise. We have been called Fermy 2000 since 1997. In the field of jewellery production and tool-manufacturing we have a thirty-year professional history.

Our company employs young and dynamic colleagues in order to meet the market requirements. Ever since our company was founded it has been our objective to develop our products continuously and expand the scope of our own jewellery collection. Alongside with the traditional styles we also consider it imperative that we should follow the up-to-date fashion trends. Our models preserve the classic form-elements while, at the same time, their world of forms is modern and more colourful.

We lay special emphasis on a constant development of the technical equipment of both our jewellery and tool-manufacturing workshops. Our main profile is the production of jewellery out of plate, which is unique among the jewels because of its low weight, while it is very decorative at the same time. We also produce cast jewellery out of 8, 9, 14 and 18 carat gold in all colours: yellow, white, red as well as their combinations.

Our tool-manufacturing workshop undertakes to prepare tools and process metal. Naturally, we do not only take orders for preparing jewellery, but also for processing products out of any kind of plate or plastic. Furthermore, we are equipped for the quantity-production of such products as required by our customers.

Gajda János
Managing Director
Molnár Gajda Anita
Head of the Office